A Passion for Growth & Organic Marketing

Hello! My name is Hilary, and I am a passionate growth & marketing lead. I help small businesses (30 people or less) with monetization, retention, and organic acquisition.

I can help you with:

  • SEO & getting visibility on Google
  • building a clean & fast WordPress/WooCommerce website
  • email marketing
  • content marketing & copywriting
  • conversion optimization
  • data optimization & tracking
  • improving processes to become more efficient (including automation)
  • building out a remote team (either full time or freelance)
  • implementing OKRs

Some of my past wins:

  • Achieved a 40% acquisition growth rate, with 45% growth on paid trial acquisition (with CC)
  • Improved the paid product CTR by 70%, with a 400% increase from YouTube, 175% increase from GitHub and 118% in Google organic traffic, contributing to 45% growth in paid trial acquisition
  • Increased organic traffic by 700%, by content creation, on-page SEO and link building
  • Doubled App Store downloads YoY through keyword research and content creation
  • Effectively increased MQLs from the gated assets by 500% with an email drip campaign
  • Increased average conversion rate of the landing page by 55%
  • Improved onboarding email open rate from 40% to 50% on 1st email, from 30% to 50% on 2nd email
Hilary Torn

Companies I’ve worked with:


Contact me to discuss your needs. Let’s partner together to grow your business!

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Why Growth?

Traditional marketing only looks at driving awareness and getting people in the door – they sign up, create a free trial, fill out a form.

Growth focuses on the entire funnel, from awareness and acquisition all the way down to activation (do they see why they need your product), retention (do they keep coming back for more), revenue (do they purchase), and referral (do they tell others about your product/services).

Learn more about the difference between marketing and growth here.